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                                             PERFORMANCE CHOIRS
                                   Chamber Singers, Women’s Ensemble,
                       Mixed Choir Treble & Bass, Freshman Concert Choir

Greg A. Lapp                                            Jim Foxx
glapp@csufresno.edu                                 jfoxx@csufresno.edu
                 278-5273 (office)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
-Sing a selected number of choral pieces from memory in public performance.
-Demonstrate the ability to sight-sing melodies with accurate pitch and rhythm.
-Demonstrate the ability to instantaneously transfer and apply knowledge and skills to new situations; i.e., Applying sight-singing to new performance pieces.

-Knowledge of how the vocal instrument works.
-Musical terminology, notation, rhythm, and sight-singing skills.
-Continuing knowledge of musical time periods and context for the selected performance pieces.
-Performing the selected pieces in public concerts and festivals.

- Learning music will involve lecture, demonstration, group rehearsal, and sectional rehearsals.
- Written and sung assignments will be minimal but will focus on reading and writing correct music notation.
- Public performances will be required as listed below.

60% Daily Participation
30% Concert and Festival Participation
10% Singing and Written Assignments and Tests

It is impossible to make up work that is missed in an ensemble rehearsal, therefore each student is required to be in class each day prepared to rehearse, and the majority of your grade is based on participating in rehearsals and concerts.  Each rehearsal is worth 10 points.  To earn the full 10 points you must participate in the rehearsal fully.  This means you must have your music, pencil, and anything else the music calls for.  If you are unable to rehearse because you are missing any of these items it is a 5-point deduction.  If you are late to rehearsal without a pass there is a 3-point deduction.  If you are talking, chewing gum, or in any other way not participating, points will be deducted at the discretion of the director.  If you are absent from a rehearsal for any reason, there will be a 10-point deduction.  If your absence is excused in PowerSchool, a makeup assignment may be given to regain those lost points.  Participation points are tallied three times each semester, about every four weeks.

NOTE:  In the 3pm and 4pm choirs, which rehearse every other day, there are only about 10 rehearsals in each grading period for participation.  That means if you miss ONE rehearsal your grade goes from 100% to 90%.  Keep this in mind as you are planning absences.  If you do have just a few absences in a semester you can still get an A with the addition of your concert and festival grades.  If you have significant absences, makeup work can be done as described above.

Exceptions are as follows:
-Students enrolled in conflicting high school or college courses, prearranged with the director and administration, will not lose points for missed rehearsal time.  (This does not always apply to City College and other classes outside UHS and CSUF.  Speak with the director and administration if you forsee a conflict.)
-Students participating in sanctioned school activities will not lose points.
-Students participating in religious holidays will not lose points.

Public performances are the “tests” in a performance class.  They are absolutely required and planned well in advance so students can work out conflicts. (They are listed below)

-Students who miss a performance without informing the director well ahead of time will lose all the points.
-If the director grants permission to a student to miss a performance, an alternate assignment will be assigned.

Each choir performs a variety of music from a variety of genres and time periods.  The goal is to expose students to the wide variety of quality music that has existed throughout history including music from today.  With sung music, the text (lyric) is very important to the overall concept of the music.  Secular (non-religious) and sacred (religious) texts will be used.  These include, but are not limited to, Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, mythological, and folk traditions.  These traditions are explored from an historical and musical perspective. UHS is committed to exposing students to a wide variety of musical styles from various traditions without showing a preference to any particular genre or belief system.  All singers are expected to participate in all music selections.

All performances are required.
An exact, hourly schedule for each event will be announced well in advance of the date.

Wed/Thurs, Oct 19, 20 - Fresno State Choral Festival (One day only for each choir)
Perform for and listen to other choirs in the CSUF Concert Hall. Generally, it will be during the school day.  Students may miss some class.

Thursday, Dec. 1 - 6:00 & 7:30PM - Winter Concerts - Shrine of St. Therese
Rehearsal and call time will be announced.  Everyone is expected to stay for his/her entire concert session to hear and support the other performers.

Saturday, February 25 - 7:30PM - Magic of the Arts - Saroyan Theatre
Our all-school performance.  Rehearsal will be during the day with the performance in the evening, plan to be there all day.

March 20, 21- CMEA Festival - Shrine of St. Therese  (One day only for each choir)
Date and time to be announced.  Generally it will be during the school day. Students may miss some class.

Tuesday, May 1 - 6:00 & 7:30PM - Spring Concerts - Shagoian Performing Arts Center, Clovis North
Rehearsal and call time will be announced. Everyone is expected to stay for his/her entire concert session to hear and support the other performers.

Read, sign, and return the signature document below to Mr. Lapp or Mr. Foxx right away.

Read, sign, and return the signature document below to Mr. Lapp or Mr. Foxx right away.
- I have read and understand the requirements for singing in a choir at University High School.
- I have read the grading policy and understand the consequences if I miss class.
- I will do my best to attend every single class period.

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