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Welcome to the University High School home page for the "Mixed Choir, Bass" directed by Mr. Foxx.  From this page you will be able to access music files and information about our class, and check out information about other choirs Mr. Foxx has taught.  Enjoy!
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                                                   IMPORTANT DATES - BE PREPARED

Saturday, February 25 - 7:30PM - Magic of the Arts - Saroyan Theatre
Our all-school performance.  Rehearsal will be during the day with the performance in the evening,
plan to be there all day.

March 20, 21- CMEA Festival - Shrine of St. Therese  (One day only for each choir)
Date and time to be announced.  Generally it will be during the school day. Students may miss some class.

Tuesday, May 1 - 6:00 & 7:30PM - Spring Concerts - Shagoian Performing Arts Center, Clovis North
Rehearsal and call time will be announced. Everyone is expected to stay for his/her entire concert session to hear and support the other performers.

Mixed Choir Performances at 2011 Christmas Concert
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