Mr. Foxx's Choirs
Stuttgart High, Arkansas
I found the job at Stuttgart the old fashioned way, I got a map of Arkansas and sent a letter to every school district that was large enough to be "yellow" on the map.  As the Lord leads, I was called by Mr. J. D. Clary, Superintendent of Schools in Stuttgart.  They had not had a choir there in 18 years and he wanted me to build a choral program we could be proud of.  The first year I had 17 girls (in two classes) and taught elementary, junior high and high school music.  That was the beginning of school year 1965-66.

The second year (1966-67) at Stuttgart was a real growing year.  We jumped in numbers to over 35 in choir at the high school and 40 in the junior high and I was still teaching 500 plus students general music at the Junior High.  The district had hired two full time elementary teachers so I was not doing that anymore.
The choir had a large role to play in the new Religious Emphasis Week program.
Construction began on the new high school this year also.
School year 1967-68 saw the choirs triple is size to over 100 at the high school and the creation of "The Ricelanders", a sixteen voice ensemble and we sent three kids to All-State Choir for the first time. 
Say What?
Choir becomes the largest organization at the school in 1968-69 with 156 in three choirs and two special ensembles, The Ricelanders and The Girls Ensemble.  We also placed 8 in All-State Choir this year.  Some of the pictures are from the 1969 Ricebird year book upon which a lot of you had written your names and circled your faces.   We also had six choirs at the junior high.
Girls Ensemble
All-State Singers
Our Parade Float
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I regret that I have not found any recordings of our singing at Stuttgart.  If anyone has any let me know. 
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