Let's take a trip down memory lane.  How about sharing some of your favorite memories of being in choir.  Do you remember anything that was special, like trips, concerts, reactions, rehearsals, outfits, etc.  Any comments you want to share about your experiences with choir?  To add your memories just click www.foxxchoirs.com write it up and watch for it to be added in.  Tell us where you are now and what years you were in choir.
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Memories of Choir 
Of course "At the Round Earth's Imagin'd Corners" - still gives me chill bumps...such a powerful piece! In addition, The Battle Hymn of the Republic - so inspiring at graduation. But overall, the determination of Mr. Foxx to bring out the best in his students, thus creating some wonderful music and inspiring a deep and abiding love for the art of singing. Great memories - great life lessons!
Daphna Ware Campbell (Little Rock, AR)

Battle Hymn of the Republic at graduation, I loved (and still do) that arrangement we did. The band would play and we could choose to sing or play (well, if Cooper let us, lol).
      If it wasn't band or choir, I really didn't care about it. Now, ironically, I try to get my students to study for their other subjects so they don't have the problems I did later on.
Russell Johnson

Mr. Foxx, listen to MY face, the new website is INCREDIBLE!!! Listening to those recordings brought back some cool memories. Thank you.
John Davis
(Fayetteville, AR)

Mr Foxx was an AWESOME choir director ( and a darn good bus driver too )  P.S....how do i get my own fan club???
Jim Oliver  (Monroe, LA)

What was that song we did...Ya Ya Ba Boom or something like that....I thought that was so fun even though it was probably the hardest song we ever did.  Just hanging out in the choir room...going up the practice rooms and playing songs while Sonya Bell sang. She had an (and probably still does) amazing voice.
Lisa Dickson Simmons

I know this sounds corny but I would sing "She Walks in Beauty" to my girls when they were little. Always at bedtime - and of course an abbreviated version.
Holly Vines Harris
(Shreveport, LA)

Learning the Alma Mater front wards and backwards. I still remember it word for word today.  Who could ever forget "She Walks in Beauty", I think of it every Homecoming.  I also remember one day we were working on "The Battle Hymn of Republic" and there was an announcement over the PA System about the hostages being taken in Iran. The song took on a whole new meaning that day.
Nancy Younts Morgan

Any number of the rubber chicken luncheon performances - Rotary, Civitan, Lion's Club, etc., etc. singing "Banquet Fugue"... Guzzle, guzzle, guzzle, munch, munch, gobble, gobble, chomp, pass the salt and the pepper...
The short bus overnight trip to All-Region (or state???)... anyway, that's all I have to say about that :)
John Davis  (Fayetteville, AR)

Definitely "She Walks In Beauty" at Homecoming and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" at graduation.
Julie Rogers Pettitt (Little Rock, AR)

At the Round Earth's Imagin'd Corners--especially the tenor solo, Crucifixus, the Pinkham Wedding Cantata and Patience. My church choir sang Patience two weeks ago. Maybe one day we'll work on At the Round Earth's Imagin'd Corners.
Liz Slater (El Dorado, AR)

"She Walks In Beauty" I still know every word! After 3 years, it kinda gets seared into ur brain!. "Battle Hymn" and the Alma Mater!! Loved em then and still do! I loved every minute of choir and believe we had the best. Don't think it's the same anymore. I remember singing @ the State Capitol for Christmas. I was playing the piano and happened to look over @ Jackie Webb. She had begun swaying just a little. I would look @ Mr. Foxx, then back @ Jackie, then back to Mr. Foxx, of course he didn't see me. The next thing I knew, Jackie was sliding down the legs of the person behind her, can't remember who that was. It was caught on tape and I believe my Mom may have it somewhere.
Tammy Hayes Reap (Monroe, LA)

I'm with Liz. "At the Round Earth's..." has got to be my all time favorite piece of music. The incidents I will never forget are breaking down in Hampton and James O roller skating and the look on his face when he won Teacher of the Year!
Caroline C Ford

I always enjoyed the singing telegrams during Valentines. "Daisy, Daisy", "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", and others. Of course, my favorite part may have been getting to leave campus during the day to deliver them!
Geneva Stamps Richardson (Little Rock, AR)

Oh wait...who remembers going to...Arkadelphia (?) and the coin operated pony at the TG&Y. Somewhere in my BOXES of photos I have a pic of 'someone' wearing a lei and riding the pony. What fun we had on those trips!
Liz Slater (El Dorado, AR)

OK - it's taken me a while to remember it, but our senior year (85) we sang "The Song of the Open Road" - I think it was an All-Region and/or All-State piece. Singing bits of that got me that music scholarship to Hendrix! Man, that was a difficult piece!
Julie Rogers Pettitt  (Little Rock, AR)

Would love to hear some of these. I am still singing...can't give it up. Currentlly I am a soprano in the St. Mark's Cathedral Choir in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have been in some great choirs, but it all got a start from yours!
Andrea Rabalais Petrosh (Sewanee)

I wonder if I am the only one who at Christmas time sings (in my head) the arrangement of Jingle Bells we sang that started out "Pring, pring, pring, pring, um, pa,pa, um, pa, pa, - dashing through the snow - ha, ha, - in a one horse open sleigh - hey, hey". Well, it went something like that anyway. I would love to have that arrangement.
Debi Shaw

NO! I still do. In fact, we had a group at the Arts Center called 5th & Broadway that entertained in the community. When we started looking for Christmas muisc, Mary Pat and I immediately jumped at that one!
Liz Slater (El Dorado, AR)

How could I pick a favorite... honestly one of the funniest things was passing out on the risers (not funny in and of itself) nearly hitting my head on the piano foot.... and then hearing years later that you used that story as a cautionary tale. I'm still sad that my little sister only got your last year before Lanford took over. :( She doesn't quite understand how awesome you are :)
Bec Lyon (Clovis, CA)

You don't want to hear my favorite memories, they will make your hair fall out. But I always loved singing. My daughter has the same passion. My kids don't believe I ever sang. I had a tape made before I graduated but lost it shortly there after. Let me knoe if you get the festivals on dvd anytime soon. I will show them all!!!
Bethany Jennings

Mr. Foxx, I would love to get some of the recordings from my years at CHS.    Becky, I remember that! :-) Good times!
    I just remember Mr. Foxx getting really angry one day and hitting the piano and it made me come clean out of my skin. People would joke that his hand brace was for when he was upset with performances. :-)
   My dad still has a picture of the concert choir from Orlando 1995 up in his office. I should probably take it down and scan it and post it here.
Melissa Halsey (CSU Fresno)

My All-State tryout day.
     I was in the first round of students to try out, so I was finished by 9:40 or so and El Dorado was providing a shuttle bus from Wilber Mills school to McCain mall and I spent the whole day there. Several people told me that I made All-State, but I thought they were just trying to trick me. It wasn't until I heard it from Mr. Foxx that I believed it.
     How many years in a row did we sing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" at Graduation?
Russell Johnson

Our authentic rendition of Cindy, complete with square dancing downstage and big hats while we sung of shoes and stockings in hand and feet all o'er the floor, has to be my favorite memory. I loved that song!
Jonathan Caraker (San Diego, CA)

Washington D.C. Kennedy Center. 1993. At the end of "No More Dancin" (hahaha that sooOOoo was NOT the title but everyone joked that was the song's name).... Mr. Foxx I remember you let out this "HOT DAMN that was GOOD" grunt!! And it echoed! And we all laughed!!
Lori George (Phoenix, AZ)

I was in choir and handbell choir all 4 years of high school.  Best choir memory: 'All My Trials' @ Fresno State during Spring of 1999. It sounded so awesome at the Music Hall.   Best handbell choir memory: Seeing the handbell choir program evolve. My junior year, having the Handbell Choir showcase where we invited other schools to perform. Everyone had a great time.
Dexter Genitiano (UC Davis)  Clovis High Class of 1999

My favorite memory is how great we sounded, once the fab 5 (plus a few others) buckled down. Don't get me wrong, the combination of those five young men did add much laughter each day. My favorite song we sang is Elijah Rock.
Natalie Erdman Lineback (Inland Empire, CA) c/o 97

I am so thrilled to find a fan page devoted to my all-time favorite teacher! Mr. Foxx, I consider it a personal privilege to have had you as a choir director for four wonderful years.
       My favorite choir memory was the Orlando trip in 1995. Chamber choir doubled as a Show choir and we won in our division, not only for the week we were there, but we were informed later that we also placed first for the entire multi-week competition. I still find myself singing, "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" from time to time and remembering how my massive hair always seemed to find its way into the mouth of my partner, Jeremy Harmon.
      All my love and respect, Foxxy!
Kimberly Gracey Marrett (Corvallis, OR)  CHS c/o 97

In choir at EHS in 72 or at St. Paul UMC in the 80's, Mr. Foxx always made sure the Lord was part of his work. And he always gave him the glory. Here's to you Mr. Foxx. You touched my life in many ways.
Alan Butler (Little Rock, AR)

Thank you so much, Mr. Foxx, for the foxxchoirs.com web page. What a labor of love! It was such an honor to be a part of your choirs - Oratorio and Chamber Singers. So many wonderful memories. :) I just looked at the pics and listened to the songs you put on our EHS 1974 - 75 webpage. Wow. SO much fun to hear them. All these years later. Thanks again. Still singing...Cindy :)
Cindy Goodman

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