" Foxx-isms" 
Things He Said or Did   
Take a minute to share your favorite "Foxx-ism", things you remember Mr. Foxx doing or saying.  Take a few minutes to read and enjoy the others.  To add others click www.foxxchoirs.com and watch for it to be added in.
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I remember Mr. Foxx "talking to the wall" to show his irritation at our not paying attention. 
"Listen to my face."
Slaming his hand on the piano...that always got our attention.
Mr. Foxx often shows he has made a good joke or caught someone off guard by licking his finger and then adding a point to his imaginary chalk board and saying: "Chalk one up for the old man!"
"I am going to cloud up and rain all over you."
"If you can't get three fingers in your mouth, then maybe I can get three of my fingers in your mouth."
On our choir trips: "We will not make stops for the John so  plan ahead!"
To get our attention: "Second call to Breakfast."
We would say, "I'm Sorry."   Mr. Foxx would respond with, "I know but we weren't discussing your personality but now that you bring it up..."
Mr. Foxx's Choirs
"That's not a Threat! It's a Promise!"
"Someday the rapture will happen and I'll be out of here and you'll miss it if you don't pay attention."
An applau -- a single clap to save time from the multiple "applause".
I remember hearing this story about a really old lady who was at every choir performance, and how it was our job to make her cry.
"Act your age not your IQ!"
"We are gonna EAT THEIR LUNCH!"   said usually before a big choral contest.
"Go play in traffic".  or "Go stand in front of a big bus!"
"Was ist das?"
"You can always tell a senior; you just can't tell them much."