Mr. Foxx's Choirs
Clovis High, California
1989 - 1990
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1990 Orlando Trip Concert Choir
Our numbers were really up this year and we caped the year with a trip to World Music Showcase in Orlando, Florida.  Cheryl Rogers became our Learning Director, and we did a Christmas program with the orchestra at Northeast Assembly for Christmas.  We also did a greater number of programs for civic and community groups, did singing telegrams for Valentines and made Superior ratings as CUSD and CMEA festival.  Mr. Foxx was named Teacher of the Year for Harvard College.
1989-90 Concert Choir
1989-90 Chamber Singers
CUSD Logo: Training Head, Heart, Hand.
  James Foxx
Choir Director
  Cheryl Rogers
Learning Director
1989-90 Women's Choir
Choir had a costume party.
Mr. Foxx was named Harvard Cluster Teacher of the Year
Mr. Foxx started Handbells Choirs at Clovis High.
A Clovis Landmark.
Mr. Foxx Directs Concert Choir
Mrs. Carol Oaks was accompanist  for 15 years.
The high school was divided into four "clusters" with college names with an administrator (learning director), counselors and secretaries that served about a quarter of the school population.
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Concert Choir Christmas
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Jesus Child
Women Christmas
Chamber Christmas
Shepherds Come A-running
Carol of the Bells
Did Mary Know?
Sing Softly, World
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Christmas Each Day
Winter Wonderland
Christmas Greeting
Quartet Christmas
See the Grand Procession
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Chamber @ Fresno City
My Heart Is Offered Still to Thee
April Is In My Mistress' Face
Ah Could My Eyes Behold Thee
Oklahoma Selections
Goin' to Boston
Concert @ CMEA Festival
At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners
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Three Madrigals
Rejoice in the Lord Alway
Concert @ San Luis Obispo Festival
Come Soothing Death
Chamber @ San Luis Obispo Festival
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Fair Phyllis
Swinging in the Saints