Mr. Foxx's Choirs
El Dorado High, Arkansas
This was a really busy year for EHS Choirs.  Several new ensembles were formed this year.  Chamber Singers had three smaller division within the group including a six member Madrigal, a Girl's Sextet, and a Men's Barbershop Quartet.  Also begun was an Advanced Women's Ensemble with girls from Oratorio and Choraliers choirs, and a Male Chorus from the same choirs.  The Male Chorus was honored as the best male choir in the state.  The Oratorio and Choraliers Choirs combined at Christmas to present Handel's "Messiah".
1973-74 Oratorio
1973-74 Madrigal
We practice in lots of places to get used to new acoustics.
1973-74 Chamber
1973-74 Sextet
1973-74 All-State
1973-74 Barbershop Quartet
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1973-74 Award Winning Male Chorus
At this time we have no recordings of these choirs.