Mr. Foxx's Choirs
El Dorado High, Arkansas
This was my first year at El Dorado High.  I came from four years at Stuttgart Public Schools in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  This year I served as one of the assistant choral directors under Mr. Johnny Mason.  The other assistant director was Mrs. Georgia Williams who had been the choral director at the all-black Washington High School in El Dorado.  This year the schools were integrated with all Sophomores on the East Campus and all the Juniors and Seniors on the West Campus.  That first year I was assigned the 47 member Choraliers Mixed Choir, the 90 voice Chantelles Girls Choir and the 21 voice Chorale Singers.
1969-70 Choraliers
1969-70 Chantelles
1969-70 Chorale
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